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Yep, as the title says, Merry Christmas all!

-obligatory christmas post-

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Just curious, who's going? ^^
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It seems that way now... 

Koyuki's accused of  preying on XMMs...

Some Photogs are apparently too touchy feely...

(And some already look like chee kom pehs or WAY WAY WAY older than their actual age...)

I won't comment on the photogs... Besides the fact that the only 3 photogs I'll say I trust more than 80% is Shiro, Razor, and Usagi.

But seriously. People who think Koyuki's a bastard piece of crap who plays havoc with the hearts of little girls don't realize the simple equation of needing 2 hands to clap.

IF these girls didn't go off and fall for him, these problems could have been avoided. If they flirted with him, or if he flirted with them then they returned the favor... Whose fault is it?

About the wife, well, if they're apparently separated, as I heard... It's an open playing field again.


 I will never understand the minds of lo-lian-tas.


Jul. 23rd, 2007 01:17 am
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My wardrobe and wallet are dying, in no particular order, so I'm prolly gonna sell off some stuff. 

Everything fits a S/M.

1st to go:

This PVC top. Worn about 3 times, and I don't think I'll be wearing it anymore. $30 for friends, $35 for the outside world. XD

Second.. This skirt.:

Very fitting, has extra embroidery on the back not shown here, bought for 50+, letting go for 25? Once again, 25 for friends, 30 for outside world. Will update pictures!

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Our poor SPH.

It keeps getting blamed for everything it writes on the J fashion/subculture community.

*drama sigh*

Now, because of a slip of the 'pen', they once again equated GL to Cosplay in Urban. And SGcafe-ers are getting their panties in a bunch.

Everything this time is perfectly accurate, useful, and a VERY GOOD GUIDE for the legions of Lolitas on SGcafe. Especially the average one that buys a straight one piece off Sumairu, Haru, Athena, or whatever nonsense there is, along with a pair of socks and shoes, topped off with a headpiece, all at one go.

For heaven's sake, they teach you what makeup to wear with Sweet Lolita, and what to wear with Gothic. I think they deserve a fashion award for that, judging from the legions of people who mess everything up.

So what's the deal about the subtitle?

Do you think everyone's gonna read it and go "OH YES! LOLITA IS COSPLAY I WILL TELL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND SPREAD IT TO THE WORLD!11!!1!1!!!

Do you think anyone EVEN CARES? Do you think the public gives 3/4 of a flying fuck about that article in Urban?

Jeez. Grow. Up.

A group of kids screaming bloody murder of their subculture isn't going to change the public's perception.

Do you KNOW why the public equates Lolita with Cosplay?

Because there are Lolitas at ALL major cosplay events.

Heck, if I WAS a member of the public, I'd say "Lolita must be cosplay, because I see so many of them mingling with Cosplayers."

I hate to say it, but the misunderstanding's here to stay. 

So live with it.
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Ladies and Gents, I pray you take everything written here with a pinch of salt.

 1.You know, I think any Ah Long who's owed money by cosplayer has a far better solution than hanging a pig head at the bugger's door.

Look at SGcafe! There's a million and one "Flame" threads regarding who owes who money. And they use language like Ah Bengs! 

Random quote: if she needs extra money for costumes or whatever.... i dun think anyone will lend her now lor..... 

Random quote (ii), from the flamer wannabe (In bad English, as always): And no use do unneccessary spaming. It just make you look more and more dumbass, more and more childish, and make your beloved Kyoist more and more disgraceful. 

First, Nintendo and Daijin. Now, Kyoist and Heeroy. The latter is where I got my quotes, by the way.

2. Diao simi Diao?!?!?! Sio pa arh?

The above line, oh so commonly used by ah bengs, is proven in this thread, that cosplayers, despite laughing at lians/bengs, are actually one and the same.

Cosplay = Funny? Insults by 'Kiryu' of Tokuasia 

See? So ah beng. Got problem call friends come down help. And it ends with Tokuasia rallying on one side and Sgcafe on the other. GANGFIGHT!!!1!1!11!!!!!!

3. Anytime got problem, must kao pei kao bu first, then realize it's a mistake.

Ever seen those ah bengs, before a fight, push push shove shove first, then after that sua la (forget it)? We've got a case or 2 as well! Such as the recent banning thread, for those of you who read it.

I just had a case like that yesterday night with my "lil bro", yes, he IS a neighbourhood ah beng, who actually HAD the same situation happen. Not banned la, but apparently his friend said something bad about his ex girlfriend that wasn't true, and the "boss" of Damai explained.

4. Removed after second thoughts, because it no makes sense, and is kind of in a different context.

5. A gang is split up into many cliques, and these cliques fight each other. More often than other gangs.

I don't know how many of you know this, but more often than not, gangs fight within themselves. No idea why. Because someone doesn't like someone else's face. It may not be literally in their case or ours, but I think ours is way more surface than theirs.

Well, we have the Cosplayers, who, as we know, have a lot of bad blood between each other here and there... The Jrock/Fashion people, where as everyone knows, the group is split again. And because GLs and Cosplayers don't want to ruin their fancy outfits, nor trip in their high platforms, they settle for the simpler option of waging war online. And this results in friends helping friends, just in the case of a gangfight.


Hey Guys.

May. 9th, 2007 11:13 pm
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I have a pair of tickets to Tokyo, Japan for sale (they're free n easy kind).

3400, negotiable. (so it comes out to about 1700 each?)

Comes with passes to:

Buffet lunch for 2

5days, 3 nights.  (touchdown morning, fly evening)

Ok guys...

Apr. 12th, 2007 12:27 pm
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Most of you who on my friendslist, and on whose friendslist I'm on, are pretty much everyone I come into constant contact with.

So can I please ask:

Has anyone heard rumors about me turning lesbian? 

And also, from who, and what exactly the rumors are.

I'm pretty straight, to set the record right.


EDIT: I just realised something. I joked about being attached to another girl for over 2 years recently, haven't I?

Yes, we've been attached, but not as ourselves!

We're attached in our own RolePlaying world. Not IRL.

*falls over laughing*

Don, you should read this.
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Top 100 things to do as an Evil Overlord.


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Personality Disorder Test Results
Take Free Personality Disorder Test
personality tests by

Schizotypal Personality Disorder - individual is uncomfortable in close relationships, has thought or perceptual distortions, and peculiarities of behavior.

(depends on the relationship, but yeah)

Histrionic Personality Disorder - individual often displays excessive emotionality and attention seeking in various contexts. They tend to overreact to other people, and are often perceived as shallow and self-centered.

(kinda, even rather, I guess)

Dependent Personality Disorder - individual shows an extreme need to be taken care of that leads to fears of separation, and passive and clinging behavior.

(depends on who. O_O)
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Sam gets off tomorrow.

I have...

Booked a table at Butter Factory.  (confirmed)

Semi reserved a place at the "VIP" section of HOR.  (dad's giving me his bottle of whiskey... SEE HOW GREAT YOU ARE, MR LEE??)

(To let him choose betwixt and between)

Told my parents I'll be out the whole day.

Plans made... now to cross my fingers and hope everything goes smoothly.


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People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks.

1) I go clubbing to RnB
2) I'm a sucker for commercial brands (Zara/Topshop/Guess)
3) I like lilies
4) I hold long grudges
5) I like Retro
6) I like watching flames
7) I kinda like Ah-Lian shops
8) I'm scared of ghosts
9) I've never broken a law per se.
10) I was a pyromaniac in JC1
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Okies.... Met Sam at 7...

Ended up waiting for pretty long, because we arranged for 6, and I was there 6. T_T

We decided to go to Palawan Beach at Sentosa to spent New Year's, because much as siloso might have been far more active and fun, the crowd there would scare the piss out of anyone. I mean, the crowd that was queuing for for the Siloso bus was like er... 50 times as long as the palawan one. O_o Some weirdo tourist took up like, 20 minutes buying her ticket or something. Fucking exasperating... I mean, yes, I have the whole night, but did she have to delay us for that long? With a line behind us too, jeez! *shakes head*

The claypot rice at the rood court thingy at Palawan KICKS A**. Yummily good. Damn... I love the food there. Stallholder was nice too... He allowed me inside his stall to wash my hands after I got chilli all over. ^_^ After food, bought water... Then smoked. Smoking is the best way to finish a meal, I swear. It puts one in a fuzzy "mmmmm" mood. 

Following that, we went over to the small island at Palawan... It was nice and quiet, we had close to half the beach. UNTIL...


The invasion of the banglas. Now, I have nothing against the indian population, but it gets irritating when they play music really loud, make a hell lot of noise drinking and smoking, and staring at one when one is wearing a bikini and nothing else. Even when one's boyfriend was in the immediate proximity. And shouting at each other at the ungodly hour of 3AM.

So, back to happier things. We missed the fireworks, because of a huge hill.. But we had a beautiful view of the seafront, and the flares that the ships shot up. Simply gorgeous... Less showy than fireworks, but still!

Ben came... at something like 1AM. Or later than that, actually. We slacked around....

Made a LONG SCHDONG for furreh... On the beach, yes.

Long Schdong finished at 230AM. =D

Talked cock, got jealous of the good trance played at Siloso, got irritated at the banglas that ruined the music from siloso by their shouting at each other and weird music.

It's FUCKING COLD trying to sleep on the beach at 3am. Lesson learnt.

Cuddled sam under my kimono top..

Then we chatted some more... Until the sun came up.




That was the colors of the sunrise. No rose, sadly.

Ben left 8 sharp...

Left sam and I.

We chatted, cuddled, and began the long wait for Furry and co. to arrive...

Ended up baking ourselves under the sun... My skin is ok for my arms and body, but my legs are burnt. I'm now a shade of light brown. Tan is good... Sleeping under the sun is a fucking awesome feeling. ^_^

(I'm gonna become a tanned gawth. So un-gawthick... xD Wardrobe overhaul needed... Need... More... White. White to make the tan look nicer. =D)

Furry and co. came at 2+... After going the big circle of Siloso and back again later...

Beehoon was goood...

But Cheese Sausages were teh PWNAGE.

My hair is not blond-ish despite the lemons. T_T

Spent time there til 5-ish...

I hate those foreign workers... I swear, they go to the beach to be a nuisance sometime. Shaking the bridge like fuck, causing jams by taking fucking PHOTOGRAPHs... I don't care where the fuck they're from, be it CHINA/INDIA/WHEREVER THE FUCK, but those bastards can ruin anyone's day. The way they stare is just so perverse... I want to be an ah-lian and yell "DIAO SIMI DIAO, NA BEI CHEE BYE! WA KAN NE LAM PA AH!" (translated: Stare what stare, you -censored-! I'll cut off your family jewels!" Yeah, I wanna be an ah lian when I go to the beach. xD

Ok, end!
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• Sam is the one that you love.

• Kelton is one you like but can't work out. (O_O? As a good friend, yes.)

• You care most about Dennis.

• Furry is the one who knows you very well. (Really?)

• Loon is your lucky star. (Haven't found that out)

• Crazy Baby is the song that matches with Sam. (True)

• Hong Kong Garden is the song for Kelton. (er... Title, maybe)

• Nicotine Stain is the song that tells you most about YOUR mind. (Thank you, it means I dream of smoking all the time.)

• and Lonely is the song telling you how you feel about life. (Er... Techno song? But maybe.)



Dec. 21st, 2006 02:32 am
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At 2.31, after allowing him 40 minutes to reply...

I PWNED that fucking beef patty (aka iamacow)

My friend helped, albeit a bit late. (friend = mindgame)

I PWNED J0000000000.


Dec. 17th, 2006 11:01 pm
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I really, REALLY don't mind the GL fashion... I like it in fact. But the fact that there's a brand called Jane Marple made me wonder if the creators of the brand had studied the er... origins of that name.

Jane Marple...


Not very GL, is that? *dies*

Jane Marple is one of Agatha Christie's 2 best selling heroes, the other being Hercule Poirot.

Yes, I get the fact Jane Marple is the epitome of old world Victorian habits in a changing world of the 1900s...

But murder mysteries + GL?



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Like 3 updates in a day.

This one... Is for mocking Singaporeans in general.

" I have a strong fetish for bras
i just get horny everytime i see a sports bra or a regular bra through a girls clothes "

(Taken from Stomp.)

~OMG, dude, why the hell are you telling everyone that? I believe that BRA FETISH is NOT EVEN A FUCKING FETISH... unless he only gets turned on by bras, with or without a girl inside. Fucker. If I ever find out who the fuck you are and where you're going... I'll make sure I'm in the same area, wearing a bikini as a top. For kicks.

Replies include:

"then erm go buy those fake model(the one wif boobies at departmental store) put on ur room and put the bra on everyday can see.. can also buy face and put the erm ur fave gal photo on the model" In respond to the fact that a bra is not enough for him to wank off on.

~We now see the horny-ness of Singapore men.

Default i hate playboys.

i hate playboys.
and some are really so......
confident of themselves?
they like ask the girl. (ok me) and her friends to all so called STEAD with him?

then even if you don't stead with him, he pretends you are his gf.

whats more? you break with him and the next week he ask you to patch.
wtf. and he lies to every girl. and stead with any girl he can have...
ok... maybe not. he don't choose the.... below average ones.

i hate playboys!!

i had imagined how to set up a trap. i mean...
feed him back his own medicine. i hate playboys.

kill them kill them kill them!

~Are you trying to tell the whole world how CHIO you are? Jeez.  And setting up a trap to get back at him! WOW! Too much John Tucker Must Die, woman. And that movie was supposed to have sucked. 1/5 stars man.

And the replies include:

"I wanna be a playboy! Can I learn? "


"Well, i hate playgirls ! They don know what they wan, but just flirt around with different guys."

~Ok.... So you're saying the same thing as her, except from a male POV. Point?

"u need help whoever u are." 


One last one.

Default gals in uniform

Sometimes, i see those gals in JC or secondary school uniform and the way their short skirts really teased me and really wanna take them off and make love to them on the spot.

Another is those gals who wear lace and wif ribbon securing their back or string that tied up their blouse( showing off their bikini inside or bra). I have a strong urge to pull off that string to see what is inside. COOL down... luckily i still can control myself.

My gf used to wear a blouse wif a string behind her back that show off her milky white skin. I untie the knot and wow the satisfaction is sweet. For guys who have not tried it, go get them

~ I swear. This guy, if I see him, I will go out of my way to give him a nosebleed. People like these are the most fun to screw up. Especially if one makes out with one's boyfriend in front of him... Ideally, corset, miniskirt, garters and stocking, and stilettoes. I wish I knew who these fucks were.... *sad sigh*
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You're only 29
Got a lot to learn
But when your mummy dies
She will not return

We like noise, it's our choice
It's what we wanna do
We don't care about long hairs
I don't wear flares

See my face not a trace
No reality
I don't work, I just speed
That's all I need

I'm a lazy sod, I'm lazy sod
I'm a lazy sod, I'm so lazy
I'm a lazy sod, I'm lazy sod
I'm a lazy sod, I'm so lazy
I can't even be bothered
Lazy Lazy

Somehow, it matches my mood perfectly. Blame society's pressure for me to get a job. 



Dec. 14th, 2006 03:27 pm
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I'm gonna say something that will defy all goth stereotypes...

I don't like Bauhaus a lot. Only song I've heard that I liked... is the Sanity Assassin.

Now, Siouxie and the Banshees though, that's more my thing.  =D

*goes off to download more*

I need heels/platforms. SOON!

*is on a random train of thought*

Ignore me.
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