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One of the most WHAT-THE-FUCK clubbing days EVER.

Started the day about 1 plus... Fixed my teeth. Esther, they are YOUR fault. ARGH. Green, bloody neon green, braces. But they're quirky. xD bottom jaw feels a little fucked... they're pulling the bottom together. Top is still single rubberbands tho'. Now, I don't think any of you are fascinated by some division of dentistry.

Was done by 3-ish. Went to meet nat, cos she was alone at dhoby and I was to meet Sam there. Walked around Dhoby Xchange. Great shoes there, great prices. (great prices = <30)

{I miss Sam darling. }

Sam came about 15 minues after Masa and Drefan did... NOOOOOOOO no Malaysian ciggies for a while... T_T Masa not leaving for KL before EOY. LOL. Viceroy menthol lights? xD We went outside starbucks... Sat on top of the thingy smoking and talking cock. Along came Joel and Ming lun(sp?) Sam's friends. Talked more cock. Actually Sam was talking. I finished my book. xD It's a waste David Gemmell kicked the bucket. T_T

They left 6 ish... So there was Sam and I. Went to Urban Warehouse to check out the stuff... No more corsets. T_T Anyways... *sappy stuff* Sam's really sweet. I dunno. I feel like I've been a bad girlfriend. Like, not giving as much as I should. Really should stop my "xiao-jie" attitude. I just think I'm not good enough. *sighs* I guess I have to learn to share/give. It's one lesson I never really managed to learn. Life's got to stop being about memememememe. *end of sappy  stuff*

We ended up at Kobanyashi for dinner... They're staffed by China people, LOL. We kinda had to spell things out in Chinese before they grasped our order... LOL? Talked more cock... Sam was tired... Went outside for one last smoke... Then sent Sam to the MRT station... I hate saying goodbye. I really do. I hate saying Goodbye to that one person. It feels just trashy.

So... I went down with my cousin, whom i mistakenly thought had a crush on me... like O_O... Thank heavens he already does have an on off girlfriend. Or I'd be confudddled. Okies. We met around 10, hung around with mata aka shawn for a while... Thanks for the dinner. xD

Now... Clubbing was weird! TECHNO NONSTOP ALL NIGHT. And according to Honey/Eunice, they were playing really old stuff. Like Masterboy. It was fun at first, with the you-ji-sar-si thing to Crazy Baby... But as it went on,  I was feeling really lost.  Now, I like techno, but too much is kinda O_o *faint*. Took them til 3AM to play just 1/2 an hour of RnB...

RnB was really funny. I was in the washroom with Honey/Eunice when Tokyo Drift came on, and EVERYONE SCREAMED AND DASHED OUT. LOL. Funniest thing all night... This shows how important Tokyo Drift is.

Blame it on Honey and Eunice, but I think the next time we go clubbing, we'll all be gothed up. xD At a techno club. LOL.

My cousin sent me home later... He was nice. He checked my toilet for lizards. LOL.
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Lesson learnt, for the millionth time.

You do NOT smoke, then read on a bumpy bus ride back where the bus smells funky, and is stuffy, on an empty stomach.

It makes one feel very shitty/cranky/BLAH/*random cusswords*


Anyways... I loved my lunch. It was SOOOO good. (to me)

Cucumbers, thinly sliced, about 15 odd pieces.
2 slices of deep fried, crumbed pork.
About 6 bite sized pieces of chicken.
2 slices of chicken skin.
2 potatoes, with garlic spread used to butter them instead of butter
About 2 chinese soup spoons of mayo, flavored with salt and pepper.
And finish it with COKE!

*is on cloud 9 of food-ness*

*waves hello to one more inch on her waistline*

Ah well...



And my poor darling has injured his leg. Shall be picking up the dear later... From his school. It looks like it's gonna rain, and the *genius* never brings an umbrella. And I guess I shall er... try to surprise him with something of some sort... I just haven't decided what.

Maybe bubble tea.


Nov. 21st, 2006 12:14 am
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I shall be testing myself...

I want a pair of fairy wings on my back...

I need to still want them in 1 year, before I fight with my parents.

Msybe, just maybe, next Dec, I will have a full back tattoo.
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Opening Credits: Wouldn't it be good - Cascada
Waking Up: Poison - Groove Coverage Extended mix (nice way to wake up... O_O)
Falling in Love: Love again - Cascada
Fight scene: Pirates of the Carribean - Tiesto remix (very apt)
Breaking up: Miracle - Cascada (he CHEATED on ME!)
Getting back together: Lonely - Deep Spirit
Secret Love: This is my DJ - Hard in Tango
Life's okay: Everytime we Touch - Cascada
Mental breakdown: One Night in Arabia - Go Go Girls (Just... WTH)
Driving Flashback: Voodoo People - Prodigy (I wonder what I must be thinking about in such a scene... O_O)
Partying: Ding Ding Dong - Gunther. (WTFWTFWTFWTF... Dirty dancing)
Happy Dance: Poison - Alice Cooper (How the hell this version is happy is beyond me... Plus it hints at S&M. OMG. Black lace on Sweat?)
Regretting: Let me be your Armor - Assemblage 23 (awww...)
Long night alone: You Haven't Earned it - Assemblage 23
Final Battle: Bad Boy - Cascada (Er... right. If there was such a song for a final battle, I'd be very amused.)
Death scene: Du Hast - Rammstein (Going out with a bang, I must say)
End credits: A Neverending Dream - Cascada

(Then again, 3/4 of my playlist is techno. So the results would not be that surprising)
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I really enjoyed spending time with Kelton, Jen, Kaori, Nika, Woddee, Spelmermaid and her boyfriend... And my honey, of course.

Guys, seriously, I enjoyed your company the most my entire Halloween celebration.

DXO was fucked up. Helena was underaged, and we spent close to an hour waiting to be cleared. Now THAT is fucked up. AND because of that, I missed Ministry of Rock's show. ARGH. And they were playing MY kind of song. Second bad experience at DXO. (not your fault Helena)

MOS was a slight improvement. Better ambience, easier to be cleared. But no chance to sit down the entire night... Bloody hell. That sucked. Plus my stilettoes made everything a million times more painful to do. And someone was clingy... With a too cynical attitude for Halloween. And standing up 3/4 of the night in stilettoes have killed my feet. I doubt I can walk easily for the next 2-3 days. Seriously, in a busy clubbing area/joint, who is going to molest you on your way to and from the toilet? And getting irritated at me because I tell you I can't follow you becaise my feet hurt do not work in your favor. And people who jump on board where they're not wanted are not appreciated either... Because I never got to spend any actual time with my honey because of you.

I WILL NEVER, EVER (with December 5th for drum n bass+live music at MOS as the exception), club at either MOS or DXO again...

I mean, MOS ambience is nice and all, but it's way too packed for one's personal liking, and the lack of seats is cruel... And no free water. WTF?

DXO. I just loathe the place. I mean, nice interior, but fucked management.

Anyways... Give me Music Underground any day. Yes, there are Ah bengs/Ah lians there, and they play techno, and it looks really different when the lights come on... but at least the place is nice. It gives me a very nice feeling. I alwaya enjoy myself when I go there... Without fail every time. More techno + old RnB please. =D

All the so-called big clubs? OVERRATED.

(Personal Opinion here, and I really don't think my opinions will stretch large enough for any great loss of business to the 2 clubs I have sworn off attending for now... Cos seriously, I am just one fish in the sea of a million clubbers. So no lawsuits, please.)
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The sheer-amusingness of lesser mortals never fails to astound me. First... she calls me a 'slut', 'bitch', 'whore', and 'prostitute'.



She says (In the same bad english as before):
i dono i lost touch of how many dicks i have touched since i last became single
{From the English demon: 'i' should be capitalized, 'dono' should be don't know, a comma needs to be placed between the 'dono' and the second 'i'. BAD PUNCTUATION.}


For the love of everyone and anyone up there... I haven't even touched half as many d***s as she has... Because I can count them off on less than one hand.

And ah well... Who's the slut now?

For anyone out there who wants an easy ONS:

All you need is a pack of cigarettes (Viceroy Menthol Lights) to tempt her with, and she's yours! Try MOS on Weds to look for her, yeah?
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People do not appreciate others being nice.

Sam was being nice, invited his ex girlfriend to Flow.

Let's see her reply, where she got lotsa facts wrong:

"u noe wht fuck it. i need to talk to other ppl abt more impt tngs than gg to some dumb party thats hosted by a fucking bitch whore slut n then having the prostitute's bf asking me if i wana go jus cos he has free tickets. like WOW."

1) I am not the host
2) He does NOT have free tickets. I won't let her in through me anyways.
3) GOD, the ENGRISH.
4) Sorry Mark, she called your party dumb. And she works for your sponsor too. (Nokia) T_T
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In order of potential purchase:


From HairSugeon, costing AUD$55

Corset:   Front view.   Back view.

From Gallery Serpentine,  costing AUD$205


From Demonia, costing AUD$133.50

Many, many dollars gonna fly awaaaaaaaay. 

Yeah, that's my dream collection. I should be getting there... Hopefully by the end of this year.

And so...

Aug. 6th, 2006 05:03 pm
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I discover how Dao I can look. WTF.

Argh... The Dao-ness of me. XD

And... Good, clean fun. In a neoprint booth. Diana, Sam, Kelton, and I!

From a serious family photo... to mock fainting... To opening my parasol in a neoprint booth... That was fun. And one of the best pics of the night:
(My scanner sucks... Not my fault...)

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Both you guys are my friends, and you both know it.

It pains me to see you both like this, seriously. One is growing increasingly depressed, crying herself to sleep every night, and the other is sick and running away from home. Both of you guys are my friends... And both of you know it.

I know... that no matter what both of you may say, the both of you still love each other...

Can't really say much now...

But just take care of yourselves. Seriously. I'm not both of you's only mutual friend... and I'm sure I'm not the only one who can view both your LJs.

So yeah... Guys, take care. Don't hold on to the painful memories... they only make everything worse. Let those go, and hold on to the good ones... And for all you know, things make somehow take a turn... For the better.

I  really can't do much... but I just thought I'd let you both read my opinion.


Goodnight, and try to rest well.
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I strongly advocate it for all who see themselves goth.

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I HAVE to agree with Crux on certain people who act knowledgeable but aren't. Like... A certain SOMEONE.

Being part of a "goth" shoot but not knowing all the entire variety of goth styles? What the hell?

Cyber Goth is pretty fucking goth.

End of story. If they want all long flowy skirts and pretty lacy corsets, then just specify Romantic Goth. Don't say Gothic Wedding.

By Gothic, you mean that it encompasses a whole load of styles.

Like, they're all covered HERE:

(will fill in later)


Apr. 2nd, 2006 08:21 pm
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I can't believe this. 3 days straight of insanity, one after another. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Oh, but these 3 days were some of the best I've ever experienced in my life. (Although if not for jamming, I might have had enough sleep on Sat to NOT sleep through LTJ Bukem, but I'll get there in a bit.)

On Thursday, I went to watch Interlace, and Mark opening for them. I was supposed to pick 2 other people up along the way, this guy Dominic and this other girl Agnus, at Raffles Place, but what DID happen in the end was that I was the last one there. Feel quite guilty... Oh well... Maybe because Dominic was CUTE (wasted, so wasted he's just one year my junior, but oh well). So there I was on Thursday, in HOME, watching Interlace live. The visuals were awesome... Both the ones on the screen and the band themselves. Very, VERY worth 20 bucks. We ended the night about 3-ish...

On Friday, I ended up playing truant because I was too smashed. Went to see a doctor with a real cough, cold, and headache, then after work, I went over to a friend's to rest for a while before work at Gashaus. Working as a doorgirl is not exactly hard work, but without company, it DEFINES boredom. I mean, yeah, it sounds easy. Sit outside for 4 hours, get paid at least $25. I'm SUPER SUPER thankful to Uma for accompanying me the whole night, lol. He was there to support Fezz, but cos he didn't have the $8 I needed to let him in, I couldn't. So there the 2 of us were outside the club, talking a bit of cock as I watched him draw and try to catch more people to enter. Fezz is not bad at all... Although my vision + hearing was a little off because of the walls + curtains.

And finally... The culminating day of an eventful 3 days... Saturday. I reached home at like 230AM the night before, and I had to wake up by 8 to get ready for jamming. Some neighbour tattled on me to my mom, so that was one of the WORST ever wake up calls I got. I had to keep claiming and showing her I was sick, and in the end, it wasn't that bad. Still managed to go to LTJ Bukem. After jamming, we went off for lunch at Far East... I ordered Duck Rice. More discussions followed til like 245PM, then Dot and I went back first. I to sleep, she to study. Upon reaching home, slacked around until 4-ish, then began to get dressed to head down to Gashaus for some indie music event. I have NEVER seen the place so packed that there weren't enough seats. Finally... LTJ Bukem. $30 entry fee, boy that hurt. But then again, I got a bottle of Bacardi Breezer and a cup of Bailey's, so maybe it makes sense. Was already growing dozy by then, especially when my butt hit the couch Stee Van reserved. But before I could sleep, Bukem came on. He was good... Very nice Drum n Bass to dance to indeed. Fortunately for me, I have graduated from the rather embarassing movements of someone who doesn't know how to dance for shite. True, I didn't dance up a storm like some other people I knew did, but at least I felt like I improved. Yay. 2 hours of dancing later, at about 3+, when I stopped for a break, I ended up sleeping. Slept til like 5... oh the embarassment of sleeping through LTJ Bukem. I bet half the people there were like "What the hell? Paying $30 to sleep?" Yeah... Embarassment. Stayed til 6, initially to avoid midnight charge, but ended up taking a bus back. Reached home at 730... and then finally... Some decent sleep.

Yes, that was one of the most wonderful 3 days of my life ever. Some proper partying... God knows I needed that after so long of restricted hours.


Feb. 19th, 2006 06:40 pm
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I swear my life on it, I'm a failure in a band.

Fuck, I singlehandedly screwed up Cage. No idea how in the blazing hells I did that, but I did it. I really should just give up. Yesterday, to put it frankly and rather harshly, I really sucked. I killed Cage, I played a really weird version of Rusty Nail, I did shite for 1/3 and Driver's High, and I only sounded halfway decent in Yuuwaku cos it was so darned 'heavy'.

Haiz... I really shouldn't try. =X

No people, don't tell me I did fine, or that the system was screwed up.

Need to find somewhere to hide myself in and forget, lol.

Sounds like I'm turning emo... Very emo.

Oh well.

Now, to find somewhere to hide myself in until I recover. Really, no kidding here.

Oh wait... Things grow even better. Let me show you something I found in SGCafe's Cosplay for A Cause thread.

Megalomania playing at 1.30pm.
Dorothy - Vocalist
Tabitha - Lead Guitarist
Weijin - Rhythem Guitarist
Nian - Bassist
Louis – Drummer

Song list:
1) Driver's High / L'arc~en~Ciel
2) Yuuwaku / Glay
3) Cage / Dir en Grey
4) 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou / Siam Shade
5) Rusty Nail / X Japan

Quite accurate... But apparently the band lacks a keyboardist.
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I really do.

It makes me act like an idiot. It makes me super emotional, and switches everything into maximum mode. What the hell..........

This sucks.

And so, I apologize to anyone who's unintentionally received my wrath just because I'm cranky due to raging random thingies, and hence flare up at anything...

I know the ones who've received it probably hates me now... Or at least think I'm a silly emo bitch.

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I don't quite know what I ever did to you, frankly. I really can't think of anything I've done to make you hate me with a passion so great you've gone all out to defame me completely, from telling people things with no basis of truth and so on.

Unless... You're jealous? That's got to be it.

Let me list out all your crimes.

Clarified the with the first person already.

Second person, whose identity I'll blank out for a while, until she adds on more to her crimes, or makes them more serious, by telling random people.

1) Calling me a bimbo. What the hell? In what way in hell am I a bimbo? I might be an airhead at times, but that's it.

2) Accusing me of two timing. Et tu, Brute? I repeat my justification of what you saw.

One last thing: Ladies, be smarter. I've got friends all around, and I know what you say about me. Let me critique your means of defaming me.

Cleared up.
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Clarified to a certain extent.
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This year, the best quote HAS to go to Helena:

"We're not called Gothic Lolitas for nothing."

And well... I've learnt a lot of things this year... How bitchy the people around me really are, how fun it can be to disturb random people, a discovery of a subculture or two I now find very much a "home" of sorts, the feeling of being in a band... So many things. Made a lot of good friends, but also my fair share of enemies... My reputation outside's school's fine and good, but my reputation within is actually quite bad... I mean: Backstabbing the Council President's girlfriend cos she did the same to me, becoming the school's resident Ah beng's girlfriend...

Yeah. Some random reflections.


1.To become less Ku-niang
2.To actually PLAY the keyboard decently
3.To own a REAL STEEL BONED corset
4.To own a pair of Demonia boots
5.To get crazy hair extentions
6.To cosplay Raziel from Angel Sanctuary well
7.To get a parasol
9.To shock my school at prom
10.To do well enough for my As to get into University
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No reason, really. Just want to write, let everything else blend away into the background, wich is what I love most. I'm bored, I'm sick of life, I'm tired, I don't know what to do, I'm confused, I'm just writing one hundred percent nonsense. It seems so long since the last time I picked up a pen to write another short story, seriously. I haven't touched any of my writing materials for so long now, I'm afraid I've lost that gift, if I even have the barest hint of talent. It's just so weird. I don't want to go near any of my earlier works with a ten foot pole. Those were absolutely cliched samples of a teenager attempting to write fantasy... So cliched, gods, I cringe when I recall the basic plotlines I used for those stories. I want to write something absolutely random, something that doesn't reflect escapism at all, something that I can write, then laugh and just toss it into my wastepaper basket.

There seems to be no originality left in me, not at the moment. I won't touch my pens and papers for a while, for I know that the only story running through my mind now is one that would scream "TYPICAL TEENAGER'S ATTEMPT!!!!!!". Which is naturally something I don't want. Why? Because in the story that's running through my mind, everyone is good looking, everyone is skilled. Oh, the horrors, a world populated by Mary Sues and Gary Stues... Yes, I know, I've given them flaws, I've given them weaknesses, I've given them quirks.

But I can't deny the fact that they're still stereotypes. I'll only be happy the day I play one of these characters in a casual RP, not with ordinary people, but with the Roleplayers I admire, like Novice/Impenitent, Snowdog, Wandering but not Lost... All the really fantastic writers of TORC. They're all amazingly talented, and I'll only be content when these people agree that my characters have escaped the 2D mold. Yet that seems but a dream at the moment, for I've lost touch with most of them, and I've not roleplayed serious TORC style for nearly 2 years.

And I need a wider range of ages, so these characters, whose profiles are carefully filed away in an inconspicuous black file in my study room, can grow in time.

There's so much I have left to learn, and that's only in the writing field. My fight scenes are weak, ever so weak. I subjected it to a friend to read, and she told me my fight scenes were bad. So much improvements to make... I need to improve my fight scenes, my romance scenes (although I tend to dislike romance in general)... And my characters. They're all cut out from the same board, albeit with different quirks. I've used the stereotypical cold, hard, killer so many times it's not funny anymore.

I need to get out of all these...

The day I'll be content with my works is the day I can create a character that is as powerful as one of Kaori Yuki's. Sounds weird, right? A girl, aspiring to be a novelist, admiring a comic artist's work. But her characters are so well crafted... Good looking, yes, nearly all of the time too. Young, yes, powerful, yes. Yet she escapes the trap of stereotypes.

Who knows? I might pull all my old works out of the bookshelf, and force myself to either touch them up, or write new ones. Maybe it's time I created my own world. One without Angels, or Demons, or other random life forms. One without the over-used prophecy idea.

Yeah, I might as well start on that.

And no, no one is supposed to reply to this (besides maybe 1 or 2 people), since it wouldn't make sense to most.


Dec. 21st, 2005 11:31 pm
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I'm just being queer in this post, so ignore me.


Situation's improving somewhat. Who knew being a good girl could help resolve my biggest problem at the moment? I don't have to kick the hand free just yet. I'm happy about that, because I have no heart to send the person holding me crashing to the ground. The person has helped me a lot in my life so far, (but note that the use of the 'person' is merely as an allusion, not mentioning anyone in particular)and so the least one can do is to not appear unfaithful, and to try my hardest to play the role of the nice guy (or girl in my case).

But enough about that segment of my soap opera. On to the next episode.

I'm kinda pissed, because some friend of mine is playing me out, big time.

First he sets me up with his friend, X (yes, that letter againn) whom I'm acquainted with, for a date. That was fine. It wasn't particularly fun or anything, just plain ordinary, close to boring. Good thing was that I went off to meet my REAL friends later.

Anyways... Then last Saturday, he messages me that X, the guy mentioned above, loves me. I was all like, O_O, but ok. Then he asked if I'll give X a chance. I said yeah, that's cool, no harm done.

Then a few days later he announces to me that he's updated his blog. I go to read, and out of curiosity, click on the link to X's blog.

Then I get really pissed, when I reach the entry where X blogged about our 'date'.

I shan't use the exact words, but the gist was: She's not half pretty, not my kind of girl. She might be good for sex, but that's it.

I feel fucking played out. Not that I answered with very committal replies, but still.

He's supposed to be my friend. Why is he feeding me lies?

So much for friendship.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding him, but I doubt it. I read the bloody journal entry, and I read his messages. They're a mile and a half apart.

Just screw him.

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