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Our poor SPH.

It keeps getting blamed for everything it writes on the J fashion/subculture community.

*drama sigh*

Now, because of a slip of the 'pen', they once again equated GL to Cosplay in Urban. And SGcafe-ers are getting their panties in a bunch.

Everything this time is perfectly accurate, useful, and a VERY GOOD GUIDE for the legions of Lolitas on SGcafe. Especially the average one that buys a straight one piece off Sumairu, Haru, Athena, or whatever nonsense there is, along with a pair of socks and shoes, topped off with a headpiece, all at one go.

For heaven's sake, they teach you what makeup to wear with Sweet Lolita, and what to wear with Gothic. I think they deserve a fashion award for that, judging from the legions of people who mess everything up.

So what's the deal about the subtitle?

Do you think everyone's gonna read it and go "OH YES! LOLITA IS COSPLAY I WILL TELL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND SPREAD IT TO THE WORLD!11!!1!1!!!

Do you think anyone EVEN CARES? Do you think the public gives 3/4 of a flying fuck about that article in Urban?

Jeez. Grow. Up.

A group of kids screaming bloody murder of their subculture isn't going to change the public's perception.

Do you KNOW why the public equates Lolita with Cosplay?

Because there are Lolitas at ALL major cosplay events.

Heck, if I WAS a member of the public, I'd say "Lolita must be cosplay, because I see so many of them mingling with Cosplayers."

I hate to say it, but the misunderstanding's here to stay. 

So live with it.
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