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Ladies and Gents, I pray you take everything written here with a pinch of salt.

 1.You know, I think any Ah Long who's owed money by cosplayer has a far better solution than hanging a pig head at the bugger's door.

Look at SGcafe! There's a million and one "Flame" threads regarding who owes who money. And they use language like Ah Bengs! 

Random quote: if she needs extra money for costumes or whatever.... i dun think anyone will lend her now lor..... 

Random quote (ii), from the flamer wannabe (In bad English, as always): And no use do unneccessary spaming. It just make you look more and more dumbass, more and more childish, and make your beloved Kyoist more and more disgraceful. 

First, Nintendo and Daijin. Now, Kyoist and Heeroy. The latter is where I got my quotes, by the way.

2. Diao simi Diao?!?!?! Sio pa arh?

The above line, oh so commonly used by ah bengs, is proven in this thread, that cosplayers, despite laughing at lians/bengs, are actually one and the same.

Cosplay = Funny? Insults by 'Kiryu' of Tokuasia 

See? So ah beng. Got problem call friends come down help. And it ends with Tokuasia rallying on one side and Sgcafe on the other. GANGFIGHT!!!1!1!11!!!!!!

3. Anytime got problem, must kao pei kao bu first, then realize it's a mistake.

Ever seen those ah bengs, before a fight, push push shove shove first, then after that sua la (forget it)? We've got a case or 2 as well! Such as the recent banning thread, for those of you who read it.

I just had a case like that yesterday night with my "lil bro", yes, he IS a neighbourhood ah beng, who actually HAD the same situation happen. Not banned la, but apparently his friend said something bad about his ex girlfriend that wasn't true, and the "boss" of Damai explained.

4. Removed after second thoughts, because it no makes sense, and is kind of in a different context.

5. A gang is split up into many cliques, and these cliques fight each other. More often than other gangs.

I don't know how many of you know this, but more often than not, gangs fight within themselves. No idea why. Because someone doesn't like someone else's face. It may not be literally in their case or ours, but I think ours is way more surface than theirs.

Well, we have the Cosplayers, who, as we know, have a lot of bad blood between each other here and there... The Jrock/Fashion people, where as everyone knows, the group is split again. And because GLs and Cosplayers don't want to ruin their fancy outfits, nor trip in their high platforms, they settle for the simpler option of waging war online. And this results in friends helping friends, just in the case of a gangfight.


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