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Okies.... Met Sam at 7...

Ended up waiting for pretty long, because we arranged for 6, and I was there 6. T_T

We decided to go to Palawan Beach at Sentosa to spent New Year's, because much as siloso might have been far more active and fun, the crowd there would scare the piss out of anyone. I mean, the crowd that was queuing for for the Siloso bus was like er... 50 times as long as the palawan one. O_o Some weirdo tourist took up like, 20 minutes buying her ticket or something. Fucking exasperating... I mean, yes, I have the whole night, but did she have to delay us for that long? With a line behind us too, jeez! *shakes head*

The claypot rice at the rood court thingy at Palawan KICKS A**. Yummily good. Damn... I love the food there. Stallholder was nice too... He allowed me inside his stall to wash my hands after I got chilli all over. ^_^ After food, bought water... Then smoked. Smoking is the best way to finish a meal, I swear. It puts one in a fuzzy "mmmmm" mood. 

Following that, we went over to the small island at Palawan... It was nice and quiet, we had close to half the beach. UNTIL...


The invasion of the banglas. Now, I have nothing against the indian population, but it gets irritating when they play music really loud, make a hell lot of noise drinking and smoking, and staring at one when one is wearing a bikini and nothing else. Even when one's boyfriend was in the immediate proximity. And shouting at each other at the ungodly hour of 3AM.

So, back to happier things. We missed the fireworks, because of a huge hill.. But we had a beautiful view of the seafront, and the flares that the ships shot up. Simply gorgeous... Less showy than fireworks, but still!

Ben came... at something like 1AM. Or later than that, actually. We slacked around....

Made a LONG SCHDONG for furreh... On the beach, yes.

Long Schdong finished at 230AM. =D

Talked cock, got jealous of the good trance played at Siloso, got irritated at the banglas that ruined the music from siloso by their shouting at each other and weird music.

It's FUCKING COLD trying to sleep on the beach at 3am. Lesson learnt.

Cuddled sam under my kimono top..

Then we chatted some more... Until the sun came up.




That was the colors of the sunrise. No rose, sadly.

Ben left 8 sharp...

Left sam and I.

We chatted, cuddled, and began the long wait for Furry and co. to arrive...

Ended up baking ourselves under the sun... My skin is ok for my arms and body, but my legs are burnt. I'm now a shade of light brown. Tan is good... Sleeping under the sun is a fucking awesome feeling. ^_^

(I'm gonna become a tanned gawth. So un-gawthick... xD Wardrobe overhaul needed... Need... More... White. White to make the tan look nicer. =D)

Furry and co. came at 2+... After going the big circle of Siloso and back again later...

Beehoon was goood...

But Cheese Sausages were teh PWNAGE.

My hair is not blond-ish despite the lemons. T_T

Spent time there til 5-ish...

I hate those foreign workers... I swear, they go to the beach to be a nuisance sometime. Shaking the bridge like fuck, causing jams by taking fucking PHOTOGRAPHs... I don't care where the fuck they're from, be it CHINA/INDIA/WHEREVER THE FUCK, but those bastards can ruin anyone's day. The way they stare is just so perverse... I want to be an ah-lian and yell "DIAO SIMI DIAO, NA BEI CHEE BYE! WA KAN NE LAM PA AH!" (translated: Stare what stare, you -censored-! I'll cut off your family jewels!" Yeah, I wanna be an ah lian when I go to the beach. xD

Ok, end!
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